About Us

JDLK GROUP LLC, is an Asia-Pacific focused merchant bank, global financial and strategic management firm, specialized in providing advisory services to corporations, organizations, partnerships, and institutions, in a range of industries, including: real estate, logistics, ports,  warehouse, energy, industrials, healthcare, technology, financials, and consumer.  We serve as an independent advisor to our clients in parallel with asset developments, recapitalizations, restructurings, joint ventures, capital raisings, alternative financings, debt financings, and other special situations. We have deep relationships with private equity, venture capital, crossover investors, institutional investors, global financial institutions, family offices, and access to unique sources of capital, including our ability to act as a general partner or principal in select situations.


JDLK GROUP addresses the capital requirements of each business seeking equity, debt, mezzanine, convertible debt, or a combination of to fund growth, acquisitions, recapitalization or to refinance. In addition, we structure and execute cross-border M&A, PIPEs, SPACs, alternative investments, credit investing, structured financing, and private equity transactions.

We advise on a full range of financing solutions, which include, among others:


JDLK GROUP is a leading non-broker dealer securities-based lender and multi-strategy alternative investor on the HNX and HSX exchange in Vietnam.

We provide innovative financing solutions for our clients by leveraging our partnerships and relationships with private investment funds and family offices. We have a strong reputation for solving time-sensitive and complex situations. Our clients who consist of Chairman’s and Executives of private and public companies approach us first when they are in need of liquidity as we provide competitive terms & conditions, and more importantly timing and size of the loan, compared to local banks and securities firms that cannot execute due to capital constraints and regulatory limitations.

We have a selection of proprietary structured products and innovative financing objectives for foreign investors, emphasizing down-size protection with higher returns. We are the first to pioneer alternative financing structures and solutions in Vietnam.  As a result, companies approach us first when they are seeking alternative capital. We provide counsel and financing solutions at the most critical growth inflection point for these companies.

We have an interest in Thai Duong Capital, a fully licensed Asset Management Company regulated by the State Securities Commission (SSC) of Vietnam, where we can operate using their platform to secure all transactions. In addition, we have important relationships with local underwriters, regulatory agencies, experienced counsels, custodian banks, and broker-dealers to
expedite the deal process for execution, from initiation to consummation.

We provide credit, debt, and alternative financing opportunities for both private and
public companies in Asia-Pacific, with a focus on Vietnam.


The Real Estate sector is going through a period of considerable change. There is a significant divergence within the sector related to the Covid-19 pandemic, with retail facing challenges, while logistics, residential, and storage are benefiting from structural growth trends. However, we believe in timing, and turning a crisis into an opportunity.

JDLK GROUP specializes in opportunistic, time-sensitive, and special situation investments in Asia-Pacific, with a focus on Vietnam. After a series of acquisitions of a Hong Kong and Korean consumer electronics company in 2016, and 2017, we acquired QS factory in Ho Chi Minh High-Tech Park via Vietnam Asset Management Company (“VAMC”), Vietnam’s only state-owned entity setup to resolve NPLs (Non-Performing Loans). Through these acquisitions we developed a relationship with VAMC, which allowed us to engage in distressed and special situation assets. In addition, gave us a presence in the manufacturing space as we now have factories and facilities in Vietnam, Korea and Hong Kong. 

We represent a broad range of clients, from high-net-worth individuals to developers, government, landholders, institutional investment firms, foreign investors, family trusts and partnerships. We leverage our relationships, deal flow, and knowledge to provide our clients with unbiased real estate capital markets services, from strategic advisory to capital raising and restructuring.

Our relationships are extensive and valuable, and not only related to the financial industry, but also with the Vietnamese Government Authorities on all levels. In addition, we have important relationships with foreign & local construction companies, architectural & engineering firms, and legal counsels. With these relationships we are able to resolve licensing issues, permitting issues, complex strategic issues, legal issues, structural issues, and financial issues.

We also advise our clients on joint ventures with strategic & financial partners, refinancing, buying, and selling of commercial real estate, serviced apartments, hotels, warehouses and ports ranging from a single property to large portfolios with many assets. In addition, we specialize in acquiring land for development projects in renewable energy, logistics, ports, warehouse & storage, hospitality, commercial, casinos, condominiums, apartments, serviced apartments, shopping malls, and mixed-use development.



In 2018, we invested in a 50MW solar farm in Ninh Thuan Province, Central Vietnam and currently hold a 50% position in the project. COD was completed in Q4/2019 at USD 9.35 cents per kw.

We are a strategic holder of the Dak Kro Po 16.5 MW Hydropower in Kontum Province. COD was completed in Q2/2018 at USD 7.35 cents per kw.

We have 85% interest in the 50MW Wind Farm in Gia Lai Province that recently completed all licenses and was approved by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam in Q1/2021.

We have a robust pipeline of over 1,000 MW of solar and 1,200 MW of wind power in development.

Our principals are both Chairman and Board members of Alpha Seven Group (HNX:DL1) that hold these renewable assets.


Healthcare is constantly evolving, and medical practitioners are embracing technology with greater reason, and as a society, we are living longer and becoming more health-conscious. This growing demand for healthcare opens up a tremendous amount of opportunities globally.

JDLK GROUP focuses on the life sciences, medical technology, and healthcare services in the US and Asian markets. We offer a wide range of advisory and capital raising services as well as complex cross-border expertise to both emerging and established companies.

We work with the leading pharma and biotech companies in South Korea & Vietnam on cross boarder M&A. In addition, we advise on international trade, manufacturing & facilities, distribution of specialty pharma drugs, medical devices, and cosmetics throughout Asia and the U.S.

Our partnership with EGB Ventures, a global firm that invests to advance clinical-stage pharmaceutical products and companies by identifying assets with unrealized potential, gives us the platform in Asia with a focus on Korea & Vietnam to form new ventures by recruiting healthcare executives, partnering with other investors, and to monetize assets via licensing, M&A, or IPO.